Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain Boots In the Garden

Thursday, July 21, 2011
am a collector of rain boots. Call me strange or ego-centric and I will not argue the point. I have fallen in love with the new rain boot patterns and the old yellow children's boots. I have put them on a higher plane than to just be stepped on and plundered (so to speak). They are my new garden ornaments! Yes decoration for my lowly cottage garden. 

This is my first pair that I got a few years ago, though this is the first year for them in my garden. They are actually a planter made of resin to resemble the old yellow children's boots. They are from years gone by, when they had the awful rubber smelling yellow slickers to go with them, remember how they stunk in the rain?! They smelled so rotten.

Don't tell my son, but I secretly wish I had a little girl so I could dress her up all in pink and lace. This is a set of boots I would have gotten for her to stomp around in the mud. I remember when I was young my parents had a stone driveway that would gather big puddles after a rain storm. My sister and I loved to stomp around in the puddles with our little yellow boots on. Memories...
This is the third pair, actually the second one I bought at goodwill. I am trying to keep them in the shade so the sun doesn't wear the protective surface off them (I learned this from my own experience a few years ago!)  These are so obviously pink, they are obnoxious, but cute in my garden!
I have just gotten a new pair, care to guess where they will go?


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