Monday, July 25, 2011

Garage Sale Bargains In My Garden

Monday, July 25, 2011
ore garage sale finds in my garden this year. I found this lovely pot for $5 at a garage sale, it holds about 3 gallons worth of plants. Isn't it beautiful? I still can't believe I found it for such a price, I didn't even try to "bargain" them down which is a rare event for me. The pic doesn't really do justice to the wonderful colors in the geranium or the pot.

My next item is the chair this pot sits on. I got this a few years back and placed it last year in the front of my house under the big oak tree that covers our bedroom areas in our house to keep it cool in the summer. I moved it to the back patio area and it really shines here now. 

I got this in my neighbors garage sale down the road one year. I was even lucky enough to fit it into my little corolla too! I couldn't wait to paint it to match my trim and display it proudly. My back yard is a better fit. This year I am painting an old wicker rocker to go in its place in the front yard. I paid $15 for this gem.

This is my friend Pat's laundry tub. Isn't it cute in MY back yard? I would hate to give it up, she's hinted she might take it back next year, please don't Pat its found a good home here!

Lastly I will show you my porch swing with its new clothing, not exactly a garage sale find but, already had the fabric. I recovered my pillow from last year. Some animal got a hold of my old covers and so I made new ones--still making the second one up. I thought this fabric felt more casual and playful, plus I already had it! Can't go wrong with free stuff. My new porch rug (which is out of sight and had to be replaced since it faded so much after I washed it) was also a garage sale find for $10. It is not outdoor carpet but when you pay so little it doesn't matter much if it lasts more than a few years!



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