Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Delights

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
have been working hard this spring to get my gardens in shape. Here are a few photos to show you how hard I've been working. I got these cute lanterns from my friend Pat and never got them out to use them until this year.

There were black and not too attractive--sorry Pat, but being my friend she knew I would not just leave them that way. They look white, but they are actually a very light green. I got the light duty shepherd's hooks at Dollar Tree. They do add a bit a character to my garden and bring out the best in my shed.

Behind the lanterns you can see the holly hock Pat gave to me a few years ago, I'm hoping it grows quite tall this year. I also planted a few new ones I found at a plant sale this spring, I don't know what color these are until they bloom.

Below here is my son's monkey statue, he loves monkeys so I bought this one for his birthday one year.

he monkey keeps moving as the years go by, I wanted him to be seen from my garden shed which I am fixing up now to be a potting shed and my son's special hangout--photos will come later.

Next to Monkey you can see one of my Johnson's geraniums, it looks pretty good here, but after a rain it gets pretty leggy and not so nice.  You can also see some of my day lily re-plants above the studious monkey and my red twigged dogwood bush with it's variegated leaves is peaking around the corner. 

I have also been to Shipshewana flea market with another friend, Carla. There I picked up some red bee balm and a few purple butterfly bushes for the mix. I have planted the bee balm in my front garden and my butterfly bushes I am hoping to plant in my very back garden to hide the neighbors junk at the property line.

It rained quite a lot yesterday but in between rains I dropped by Pat's garden and picked up some cone flowers that was given to us last year by a fellow gardener and garage saler. Also got some more of her black-eyed susans to plant in my front garden. Got to go now, need to plant and water some more. Have a great gardening day!


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