Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

his weekend we've lost all our old snow and tonight we are getting a new layer of white fluffy snowflakes, Yeah! Meanwhile I have busied myself with all my new garden catalogs, what else would a gardener do in the dead of winter. It takes months to adequately plan for the new garden, this is why God gave us winter--in case any of you was wondering:)

This is the garden pillar that I have in various places in my gardens, I move them as I see fit. One of these is sitting in the middle of my large front garden. I love the simple design and the mobility of the design, it allows for a lot of creativity on my part. This year I plan on putting a lot of color around the said pillar. I'd like reds and blues with some pinks maybe, the back should be high and the front lower.

I am thinking of putting one of these or both in the front, BERGENIA cordifolia WINTERGLOW and BRUNNERA macrophylla JACK FROST ;  they are spring bloomers.

I am thinking of putting these CARYOPTERIS Petit Bleu - Bluebeard and PERSICARIA FIRETAIL - Fleeceflower ;  in the side and back since they are taller and summer to fall bloomers.
Another possibility would be this rozanne geranium for the front and sides instead of the petit-blue shrub.

This year I might have some help dividing and re-planting my divisions. My brother-in-law is marrying a fellow gardener and creative diva, I may have a kindred soul to share my deepest yearnings with! She also likes junking  and uses some of her own designs in her gardens too. There's always room for another gardening friend. From my gardening followers: any suggestions for my front garden would be welcomed, more pics later, after the snow is melted for good:)


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