Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
t is raining today. We need it desperately, I just wish it would do it while I am sleeping. I worked out in the gardens all day yesterday, tidying up and planting and pulling weeds. We waited all day for the trash pickup but alas, it would happen today, so my son and I placed all our weeds and wild violets into our garden cart for now. The cart was overflowing so I took it up front myself and it is sitting out front of our garage awaiting our garbage can's arrival. Here are some more photos of my back gardens...

This is a photo of my back garden with its little angel, I wish you could see her expression it is precious. I have just planted some more dogwood bushes here to hide my neighbors junk. I have also added a few blue Everlasting hydrangeas for color. I am transplanting my day lilies to other parts of my gardens.

The tall plant in the foreground of my column is an unknown. I purchased it a few years ago and it grows really tall with beautiful white flowers that appear about July.

his is my bed in my garden, I found it on one of Pat's and my "famous garage sale" sprees. She bought an arbor--yes you got that right, an arbor. We could squeeze my bed into her van but the arbor had to be delivered, compliments of the garage sale host.

I painted both the head and foot verdigris and presented the foot to another of my gardening friends, Kathy. To hold the headboard I hammered some pvc pipes into the ground they are just a bit smaller than the diameter of the bed posts. I left them about 12" above the ground and then placed the bed posts over them. They seem to stabilize the headboard well, it's been here for three years now.

I am trying to grow sweet peas to vine up my bed-trellis, but they aren't looking too good. Here you can see one of my pink geraniums in the foreground, the camera doesn't do it justice, it is much more colorful. I planted this one here last year, moved it from my shade garden where it refused to bloom. It has gone wild and grown three or four times its size. Well got to go now and watch the rain.


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