Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Back Porch Lifestyle

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
My girlfriend Kathy lives about two blocks away and frequents our gardens, here she is sitting on our new porch swing with my son Brody. They are quite the pals.

Our swing probably looks large to you the reason being--it is. It was made by another friend who also does odd jobs along with my annual mulching each spring. I will show you his photo later.

We love sitting on our porch, watching the butterflies go from this flower to that one. We watch the rains and the cool breezes blowing over our gardens. We watch the birds flying around our back yard and it's really quite a nice life.

Kathy was the recipient of my foot board she is also a closet serial flower killer. You can give her almost any plant and she will torture it and starve it and when the time is right, kill it! I think she secretly delights in this. Why else would she keep asking for more starts from my garden?

This summer I will be painting the interior of my garden shed, no not for Kathy's new home, for a potting area and a play area for my son. Most of the furnishings are ready to go in but I need to paint the walls and the floor. Get ready for an open house this summer!


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