Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dream Time Trellis

Saturday, December 5, 2009

love to go to garage sales and sometimes when my friend Pat's husband opts out of doing it with her, she will ask me to tag along. While this is not always a great idea since our tastes run alike and we seem to run toward the same items for our collections, it is good sometimes.

This is a trellis I found at a garage sale and lugged home on one such occasion. We had both fallen in love with the same arbor, but she was faster than me. So Pat found a place for her new arbor and I talked her into pulling this old metal bed into her van to drop off at my house. She told me I would need the rails and I said I would not, her puzzled look turned to curiosity as she asked me just what was going to do with it.

Well it took me another year before I found just the right place in my garden for my new ornament but it was the finishing touch for my patio garden and I love it here.

What did you do with the other end?" you ask! Well I have enough garden loving friends that I just painted both and gave the other away for another fantastic garden ornament. I tease my neighbors sometimes by saying I'm going to camp out on their patio to enjoy their view of my gardens--it just looks so much more perfect over there, no wonder they tell me I have a wonderful garden (the weeds aren't as noticeable over there, that's why it looks so great)!
Behind the trellis you can spy my pouting angel on her mount. Also note the "Red Twig Dogwood" bush, don't the red twigs look wonderful in the fall? I recommend this little bush to anyone it grows about 6' tall and about that in width, I trim mine a bit each season to keep it small.

In the lower right corner you can see my perennial geranium--one of many different types. This one turns burgundy in the fall. Wait until next spring when this garden is alive once again, this trellis will have some kind of wonderful plant climbing up the iron work:)


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