Monday, November 30, 2009

My "Pouting" Angel

Monday, November 30, 2009

his is my guardian angel, watching over my patio garden. I found her half price one summer, still an extravagant price to pay, the first time I saw her I knew I had to take her home with me; so I did. She was placed in my back garden but this year I had her moved up to my patio garden where I can keep watch over her. She reminds me of my son when he was younger, he used to sit with his hands between his knees, contemplating the days events.

She's a bit dirty from the rains and winds we've had this year, but doesn't she look sweet sitting in my wonderful garden? She'll look even sweeter in the spring when all the bushes are filled out and flowers are blooming.

She is sitting on my homemade pillars, I just stacked extra bricks that were used for another project in a and stacked "log cabin" fashion, then placed a large patio block on top to finish it off. I saw this years ago, somewhere on line and decided to try it myself.

She's been moved from my back garden to my patio garden where I can look out my patio door to see my sweet angel--worth every penny I paid for her. Here you can see my Red Twig Dogwood bushes to either side, they are so pretty even now without their leaves but even more so when they are filled out in the spring and summer.


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